CHEVROLET Cruze, MY2014 MPG / Fuel Consumption

1.7 VCDi (130PS) Station Wagon Stop/Start 2014

Emissons and Fuel Economy Data.

The CHEVROLET Cruze, MY2014 1.7 VCDi (130PS) Station Wagon Stop/Start is a 1,686 cc diesel engine vehicle.

It affords an overall fuel economy of 62.70 MPG (or 52.20 US MPG) and emissions of 119 g/km.

This vehicle is in UK car tax band C costing £30.00 for 12 months' tax or £ for 6 months' tax. For more details see Car Tax Bands.

For more information on fuel economy, CO2 emissions, carbon, particulates, and other emissions data, see the table below.

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Road Tax Compare MPG & Emissions
Tax Band C
12 Months £30.00
6 Months £
Model Cruze, MY2014
Specification 1.7 VCDi (130PS) Station Wagon Stop/Start
Year 2014
Engine Size 1686 cc
Fuel Type Diesel
Transmission Manual
Noise 73.8 dB
Estimated Fuel Cost per 12,000 miles* GBP 1,183.00 approx
Euro Standard 5
Fuel Consumption Imperial (miles per gallon)
Urban 52.30 MPG
Extra-Urban 70.60 MPG
Combined 62.70 MPG
Fuel Consumption US Gallons (miles per gallon)
Urban 43.54 MPG
Extra-Urban 58.78 MPG
Combined 52.20 MPG
Fuel Consumption Metric (litres/100km)
Urban 5.4 l/100 km
Extra-Urban 4 l/100 km
Combined 4.5 l/100 km
CO2 emissions 119 g/km
Carbon Monoxide 0.351 g/km
HC Emissions N/A
NOx Emissions 0.138 g/km
HC+NOx Emissions 0.181 g/km
Particulates Emissions 0.0006 g/km

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